Editorial: NO DEALS: Legislature and McCrory should repeal HB2 - period

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Here we go again. The right-wing politicians who passed HB2, while ignoring the warnings of virtually every major corporation, now want Charlotte to repeal their non-discrimination ordinance before they'll even consider repealing HB2. That doesn't make any sense at all. Charlotte did nothing wrong. Hundreds of cities around the country have an almost identical ordinance. HB2 needs to be repealed unconditionally, or the politicians who passed it need to find new jobs. 

From the Capitol Broadcasting Company editorial,

Gov. Pat McCrory and state leaders tell us HB2 has not hurt the North Carolina economy. Did they ask the dozens of communities, hundreds of businesses and thousands of workers in North Carolina that have lost work and tens of millions at the hands of the LGBT bashing legislation what they think? Obviously not.

PayPal, Deutche Bank, NBA, the NCAA and the ACC – to mention some of the most highly visible of many businesses and organizations – have recognized HB2 for the terrible discrimination it legalizes and taken their business and events elsewhere. The state’s taxpayers continue to spend money defending the bad law in the courts. 

Following a week where the NCAA and the ACC announced championship events would be moved out of North Carolina, business and community leaders have grown increasingly desperate.

Lynn Minges, the head of the N.C. Restaurant and Lodging Association, revealed that she’d been given “assurances” from legislative leaders that if Charlotte repealed its nondiscrimination ordinance – the act that prompted HB2 – then the General Assembly would repeal the law.


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    The Charlotte Council should not cancel their non-discrimination ordinance. The General Assembly led by Governor McCrory cannot be trusted to repeal HB2. McCrory, Berger, and Moore led the GA Republicans into this mess, and they should end it. I am using "cancel" and "repeal" because the REPEALING must be done by the GA. THEY CANNOT BLAME CHARLOTTE.
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