Editorial: New DMV Fee is Regressive, Hurts Working Families

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The Raleigh News and Observer is out with a new editorial condemning the $153 million in new DMV fees that NC families will pay this year, thanks to politicians in Raleigh. This is just the latest in a series of steps that have made NC more regressive in revenue collection.

From the editorial,


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    Dolores Campbell
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    Our present republican governor and legislature suck. Vote them out, they are not helping those who they are supposed to represent.
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    michael dunn
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    When the McCrory administration and the Republicans limited the number of insurance companies to choose from by not instituting a state ACA exchange, then less competition means higher rates in any business...additionally their refusal to expand Medicaid plays into this narrative meaning the uninsured costs are pushed to those who are covered...Thanks McCrory for all the damage you've done to our state! Refusal to expand Medicaid means higher costs for everyone, as hospitals & doctors increase their rates to make up losses incurred by treating uninsured patients who would qualify for Medicaid if the state did the right thing.
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