Editorial: NC GOP Continues the Bad Policies of the Past

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The News and Observer is out with an editorial slamming the NC GOP for engaging in the same closed-door budgeting tactics that they previously attacked Democrats for. Instead of creating a more transparent and open process, state leaders have opted to double down on the bad policies of the past.

From the editorial,

But, wait. The News & Observer’s Under the Dome reports that House Republicans have been doing their budget proceedings in secret, behind those big closed doors. And the plan is for the budget to be out by Monday and, says Speaker Tim Moore, it’ll be passed and sent to the Senate by the end of the week.

Democratic Rep. Mickey Michaux of Durham, former budget writer, says that schedule leaves virtually no time for discussion or debate.

And what do the reforming Republicans, of the party that complained so loudly when Democrats did the budget, have to say about that?

Well, sir, they say, what’s the beef? This is just how the Democrats did it.

“The way we have done things is no different than the way you all did them when you were in charge,” said Rep. Bryan Holloway of Stokes County.

That’s the spirit. Talk about the evil Democrats and all their secrecy and rushed-up budget maneuvering, and then do the same thing. So now we see that Republicans have opened themselves to the most serious charge of all: They’re just like the Democrats. 


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    The NC State Gop confirmed what I thought all along....they can not think for themselves, have no original thoughts and are the epitome of "hypocrisy".
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