Editorial: McCrory must lead on Confederate flag issue

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Following our delivery of over 13K petition signatures calling on Governor McCrory to show leadership and ask the DMV to drop the confederate flag license plates, the Sanford Herald Editorial Board has weighed in, also calling on Governor McCrory to show some leadership.

From the editorial,

And if the governor is serious about stopping the state's sales of these license plates, then he's obliged to act. Instead, it appears he has put the responsibility for follow through on the legislature. Meanwhile, the legislature has put the onus right back on McCrory.

In contrast, Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe has directed Virginia's DMV to stop issuing new Confederate flag plates and to recall existing plates.

And by the way, we back McCrory in condemning recent vandalism to the Monument to North Carolina Women of the Confederacy. Spray paint, and destruction of property in general, is a poor way to get a point across.

The governor chose to take an official position on this license plate issue, which we applaud, but so far, he seems unwilling to put any force behind his words. Even if he can't make it happen singlehandedly, surely his visibility and influence as the state's highest officeholder could carry his desires a fair distance.

He must recognize that he can — and should — do something here, as his South Carolina counterpart Nikki Haley did in the days after the Charleston shooting. Haley's swift, decisive command — which transcended party lines — was a study in leadership after a tragedy. And every community can learn something from the way Charleston reacted with strength and unity to a hateful act designed to divide.

Haley realized that if her state is to heal, there is no place for a “deeply offensive symbol of a brutally offensive past.”

Advocacy groups reportedly have delivered a petition to McCrory asking him to use his executive authority to halt the sale of these license plates. From where we sit, the ball appears to be squarely in his court.


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    Let's face it. The governor has no power to do anything, much less this.
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