Editorial: Listen to the NBA and the coaches: HB2 is a loser

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In the wake of the NBA's decision to pull the All Star Game from Charlotte because of HB2, news outlets across the state are slamming Gov. McCrory and politicians in Raleigh for their continued intransigence on HB2.  

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It isn’t easy for anyone who, like Krzyzewski, Gottfried and Williams, are in highly visible, non-political posts, to take public stands on controversial issues. It speaks to the degree to which HB2 and disdain for bigotry transcend partisanship that these three voice their opposition in such unequivocal terms. 

They travel the nation and the world. Their recruiting of student-athletes takes them into homes where parents concerns are for more than a game, but also include the environment their children will be learning in and values and life-lessons they’ll be taught.

Krzyzewski, Gottfried and Williams are successful because they know what it takes to win and how to avoid losing.

Take their word for it. Listen to the NBA. HB2 is a loser. It makes discrimination legal. The General Assembly needs to repeal this law.


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