Editorial: Just kill HB 2 now and save the pain and expense

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In the face of the Department of Justice ruling that declared that HB 2 violates the Civil Rights Act, newspapers across the state are calling on Gov. McCrory and the General Assembly to stop this pointless fight for discrimination, and repeal HB2 before it does any more damage to our state. 

From the Fayetteville Observer editorial,

By some estimates, the economic fallout from House Bill 2 is already hundreds of millions of dollars in lost business and abandoned expansion plans.

But it's nothing compared with what we'll face if legislative leaders call Washington's bluff and ignore threats to withhold crucial federal funding.

Early last week, the U.S. Department of Justice notified Gov. Pat McCrory that HB2 violates the U.S. Civil Rights Act and Title IX, and that those violations may endanger federal education funding. This is not a trifle: In the current school year, state public schools got $861 million in Title IX funding. In the previous academic year, the University of North Carolina system alone got $1.4 billion.

If federal funding is cut off, students won't get federal aid, like Pell Grants, to attend North Carolina universities.

Later in the week, officials of the federal departments of Transportation and Housing and Urban Development said they were also looking into whether HB2 violates their anti-discrimination guidelines. More federal funding could be at risk here, including crucial money for highway, airport and railroad work.


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    Don't let them take us back to the Jim Crow days.
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