Editorial: A pointless slap at the unemployed

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In yet another attack on those struggling to find work in our state, the Charlotte Observer rightly calls out lawmakers for putting more pointless burdens in the unemployment process. 

From the editorial,

What the bill does do is create more unnecessary work for businesses, which have to receive, process and respond to all the new applications the bill will prompt.

It also creates more work for people who are trying to get a job, because they now have to take the time to document even more contacts with employers.

But at least lawmakers will be satisfied that no one is playing too much Xbox, or whatever it is that they think the unemployed are spending all their time doing.

This isn’t the first time N.C. Republicans have slapped at those struggling with joblessness. In 2013, North Carolina became the only state in the nation to cut off federal unemployment benefits. Lawmakers also made necessary fixes to the state’s unemployment insurance system, but put the burden of those fixes disproportionately on the unemployed.

Last week, at least one Republican recognized that the five-contacts-a-week provision was pointless. Rep. Jonathan Jordan of Ashe County said Thursday that it would “waste everyone’s time” – but the “everyone” he was talking about was employers who would have to deal with a new flood of applications.

As for the unemployed, well, Jordan and his colleagues didn’t seem too worried about them. It is, after all, probably their fault. 


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