Duke, NC State, and UNC Basketball Coaches Speak Out Against HB2

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Duke Coach, Mike Krzyzewski along with NC State coach, Mark Gottfried went on record condemning HB2 as an embarrassment to the state. Roy Williams of UNC also denounced the law, adding more high profile voices to the opposition to HB2. With the recent news that the NBA will move the All-Star Game, it's another sign that basketball, unlike Gov. McCrory, is against discrimination. 

USA Today: 

“It’s an embarrassing bill,” Krzyzewski told USA TODAY Sports. “That’s all I’m going to say about it.”

Krzyzewski spoke out less than a week after the Blue Devils released their schedule for the coming season and it was revealed Albany will not be traveling to Durham as planned to play on Nov. 12 as part of the Hall of Fame tournament. The change is the result of New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s executive order banning publicly funded, non-essential travel to North Carolina as result of House Bill 2.

“Albany not playing Duke, that’s the kind of activism we need to create change with this bill,” said Shane Windmeyer, executive director of Campus Pride, a Charlotte-based organization fighting for LGBT rights. “The NCAA talks a lot about inclusion and diversity but just waffles through statements without any actions.”


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    silvanus slaughter
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    So these are the "lib'ul sports elite" the Raleigh Politburo ---headed by errand boy Pat McCrory --- are carping about now?
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    Hb2 is not about transgender It is a react to poorly written bill that mayor Roberts wrote. Forgetting or not knowing that sexual preditors. Not transgendered. Will take advantage of being allowed to go into theladies room. Very scary. Educate yourself.
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    ray landon
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    HB2 is one of the most absurd insane laws written in modern times. It was spurred on by unintelligent, radical christian extremists across the nation and came home to roost in NC. The equally unintelligent Mccrory has used this potty bill to make NC a laughing stock around the world. Add that to prohibiting NC schools from getting federal aid, using disaster funds to finance the absurd defense of HB2, allowing Duke power to leave toxic waste seeping into our drinking water, he is on course to be the absolute worst governor ever in the US. The sooner November comes and we can vote him and his cronies out of office the better. God save North Carolina - from Pat Mccrory.
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    George Horwitz
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    HB2 is not just stupid, bad for business, laughably silly, and all that. It is cruel to people who have enough problems without having more attention brought to themselves. Cruel is not who we are. We can do better. Vote these cruel ignoramuses out in November. This is important. Don't stay at home.
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