David Lewis faces yet another lawsuit amid questions over “loan” from indicted donor

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Rep. David Lewis is facing yet another million-dollar lawsuit over unpaid debts related to his farming business, coming just a week after the powerful GOP lawmaker was hit by a $1.5 million lawsuit from an agricultural supply company for debts going back to 2014.

Why is this relevant? Well, Lewis is also facing scrutiny for a $500,000 “loan” he received in 2018 from a GOP mega-donor who was later indicted for bribery.

  • Lewis says John Gray gave him the $500,000 loan in 2018 because his farm needed help. At the same time, Gray and his co-defendant Greg Lindberg were trying to push the General Assembly to loosen insurance regulations. That doesn’t pass the smell test.
  • Gray and Lindberg were indicted earlier this year for trying to bribe other Republican politicians. They only got caught because Insurance Commissioner Mike Causey went to the FBI. How many recipients of Gray and Lindberg’s alleged bribes did NOT go to the FBI?
  • Rep. Lewis is a powerful NC House lawmaker with a great deal of influence over the laws and regulations of our state. He is also struggling to pay off millions of dollars in debts to companies and individuals which he has a hand in regulating. This is a clear conflict of interest, even without the shady loan from someone accused of bribery and corruption.
  • Times are tough for North Carolina farmers, thanks to President Trump’s trade war with China. But they’re a lot tougher for farmers who don’t happen to be powerful members of the state legislature who pal around with people indicted for trying to bribe politicians.

David Lewis’s so-called “loan” simply doesn’t pass the smell test, and the FBI and U.S. Attorney’s office should investigate this corrupt deal.



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