Court Issues Injunction Against Parts Of NC's Voter Suppression Law

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The 4th Circuit Court of Appeals has issued an injunction that will block parts of the voter suppression law passed by the General Assembly last year. The ruling will allow same day registration as well as provisional voting, both things the voter suppression law ended. From WTVD's article,

The 4th Circuit Court of Appeals has reversed a federal district court's denial of a preliminary injunction on some parts of North Carolina's controversial new voter ID law.

The higher court will delay elimination of same-day registration and prohibition on counting out-of-precinct ballots.

But, the appeals court refused to issue a temporary injunction reducing early-voting days, the elimination of the discretion of county boards of elections to keep the polls open an additional hour on Election Day, the elimination of pre-registration of sixteen and seventeen-year-olds who will not be eighteen years old by the next general election, and the soft roll-out of voter identification requirements that will go into effect in 2016. 

"With respect to these provisions, we conclude that, although Plaintiffs may ultimately succeed at trial, they have not met their burden of satisfying all elements necessary for a preliminary injunction," wrote the court in its opinion.

Click here to read the full opinion (.pdf)

The elections law approved by the GOP-led legislature and signed by Gov. Pat McCrory requires citizens to show one of several types of photo identification cards to vote by 2016. This year, voters only are being asked if they have an ID and told how to get one if they don't.

Critics of the law complain it also reduced early voting from 17 days to ten, ended same-day registration during the early-voting period and prohibited counting votes cast in the wrong precinct. Straight-party voting also ended.

The changes and the pending photo ID mandate have created a rallying cry for opponents of the Republican agenda at the General Assembly, anchoring the "Moral Monday" movement. It's also spawned four separate lawsuits - including three federal cases - that call the measure discriminatory to minority voters.


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    Amy Kitting
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    Why is it so wrong to have to show an ID to vote? Anyone who has traveled out of our country has seen that everyone (even children) have ID cards. Also, as someone who has worked in the polling place, I realize just how costly elections can be. Some counties cannot afford to have extended early-voting days.
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    greg sellers
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    It doesn't matter how much early voting might cost voting is more important than cost. Plus if your worried about cost imagine the cost of these id's being made.
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    Stephen Zandy
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    The issue is that we are being taken back to the Jim Crow days. <br /> <br /> GOP/Teabaggers know that low income blacks and other people of color are not going to vote Republican.<br /> <br /> Every care of voter fraud has been by Republicans not Democrats.<br /> <br /> Some older people have been voting all of their lives without having to show an ID. Now they are being turned away.<br /> <br /> NC in the last two elections have had less than 1% of millions of votes cast that were considered fraud. If I remember correctly from the Board of Elections website that all of the cases were found not to be fraud, but errors in records.<br /> <br /> Don't believe me do a little internet investigated to see that these are the FACTS.
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    Katy Molony
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    Amy, I know everyone keeps focusing on the ID part of things, but that is not the only issue. Throwing out entire ballots just because it is at the wrong precinct? Shutting the doors on people waiting in line? It goes on and on, and all of these things only serve to make voting less accessible, when it should be more. It's bad enough they gerrymandered the districts, and now this. It's unconstitutional.
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    Don't you see the only way they are going to win is to make it harder on women, the elderly, and minority voters!!! Republicans = RAPE of all who do not believe like them. They don't care.
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