Consequences of McCrory's Decision Not to Close Coverage Gap

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The consequences of Gov. McCrory and Raleigh politicians' decisions not to expand Medicaid are becoming more apparent. Without Medicaid expansion, which the Federal government would pay most of, millions of dollars are being lost. Their decision has also lead to low salaries for the hospital staff and therefore a shortage in RN's.  

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One consequence for Vidant Health and Vidant Medical Center is $100 million dollars annually in unreimbursed care for tens of thousands of poor and uninsured people who use their hospitals for primary and chronic health care.

The state has yet to accept a penny of the federal government’s offer to pay 100 percent of Medicaid expansion for the first two years and 90 percent thereafter. Instead, the Republican majority has stuck to its own one-size-fits-all solution for stimulating the medical economy: Competition.

Hofler, careful not to step on anyone’s toes in Raleigh, blamed the shortage mostly on an aging population and retiring nurses. But she did not explain why Vidant can’t attract and retain more RNs. She said there is a national shortage, but officials with the N.C. Board of Nursing said the reason has more to do with salary. Vidant offers $46,000 a year to start and about $53,000 after three years.


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