Coal Ash Commission: Consumers Will Pay For Clean Up

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Just weeks after the election, the NC Coal Ash Management Commission is making it clear that electricity rates will go up to pay for Duke Energy’s coal ash mess. Despite the claims of many politicians who said they protected consumers, it’s clear that Duke Energy is getting what it wants again. From WUNC’s article,

The North Carolina Coal Ash Commission has begun the process of creating rules and regulations to manage the cleanup of Duke Energy’s 32 coal ash ponds.

The Commission has a huge job. Among other things, Commission Chair Michael Jacobs made it clear that cost will be a consideration.

“To the extent that cleanup costs are passed on to the residents and businesses of North Carolina through higher power rates, everyone who uses power will share the expense,” Jacobs said.

Duke Energy has said it would cost $10 billion to move coal ash from all sites.

The Commission’s work also will not be done quickly. Four sites are currently classified for closure by 2019. The Commission will decide the closure rules and classifications for the others.

“It took 80 years to produce the current coal ash problem,” said Jacobs. “It will be impossible to solve it overnight. There are tradeoffs that will need to be made between speed, effectiveness, safety, and cost. All these factors are important.”


  1. Winston Hefner's avatar
    Winston Hefner
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    Would like for all the North Carolina poltician's name that voted for Duke Power on the Coal Ash Legislation... Please post their names if you would...
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    Lynn Lorenzo-Polk
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    I hang my head in shame for the Commission Chair, Michael Jacobs, to rule for the big corporation, Duke Power, against the people of NC. I cannot comprehend why the consumers should pay for the Coal Ash mess that Duke Power created. I smell a skunk somewhere.
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    RW Paugh
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    These members should be identified by their connection with the industries involved... This smells of collusion, bribery, malfeasance, and totally political! Who appointed the commission and what are their qualifications? Some real investigative journalism seems called for!
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    Marvin C. Arrington
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    The voters in North Carolina just voted themselves a nice tax increase. Oh I forgot Republicans do not raise taxes only the cost of living. Is there a difference for the average working class? We must not think so. So we got what we voted for Republicans looking out for big business cold cash for coal ash clean up by the people they promise to serve.
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    Susan Norton
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    If they pass that cost, then they should not be able to deduct any of those costs on their taxes. The customers should get a bailout tax credit instead.
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    Sue Crotts
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    i heard the interview with Michael Jacobs of Duke Energy last week on National Public Radio. Jacobs also stated that this clean up is going to cost state retirees, whose pension fund is heavily invested in Duke. Sounds like it's time for the state to divest but that might not happen because Duke owns the state government.
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