Charlotte TAs Remain in Limbo as Schools Scramble

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More than 500 TAs in Charlotte still don't know whether or not they will be fired at the end of the week. School district administrators sent out a memo warning that because of the failure of politicians to pass a budget, and their reckless proposal to fire 8,500 TAs, the district could not guarantee their jobs past September 4th. Now that students are back, schools are struggling to deal with the staff shortages. 

From the WCNC story,


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    My mother was the former associate supt of Charlotte-Meck schools. She is turning over in her grave, God bless her---she cared about "the children." The state has a $400 million dollar surplus, destroyed seniors in 2014 by not allowing medical deductions, McCrory won't accept the "people's money (Medicaid) Art Pope, Pat McCrory and the entire GOP legislature need to be FIRED and yesterday wasn't soon enough. Like the US Congress---the NC Legislature is paid to work for the people-----they haven't and they don't. Shameful doesn't come close to the expression needed.
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