Charlotte's Economy Suffers Under HB2

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Based on the concerns of Charlotte's business community, House Bill 2 has posed some serious economical problems since it was passed in March. Dozens of conferences have been cancelled and hundreds more are on hold thanks to the discriminatory law. We must repeal HB2 before it does more damage to our economy. 

From TWC News:

"It's devastating. It really is and that's just the beginning and I've heard that the damage that's been done will take years to come back from,” said Charlotte City Councilwoman Julie Eiselt.

While it's still too early to tell how HB2 will affect the tourism industry in the long run, the Charlotte Area Visitors Authority (CRVA) said hotels are feeling it the most right now. So far, seven conferences have been canceled. That's 1,635 hotel room nights. Thirty-six conferences are on hold but if they cancel, that would be 111,775 room nights. One of biggest events still at risk is the 2017 NBA All-Star Game. It’s an event that would be an estimated $100 million investment in the Queen City.

"I think for me, I'm feeling a lot of stress because during the short session, we got a message loud and clear from the NBA Commissioner. He would like to see some movement,” said Charlotte City Councilman James Mitchell.

With hundreds of jobs disappearing and the constant cancellations of major events, there is no telling how Charlotte's citizens will suffer next.


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