McCrory, Burr, and Tillis Are All Aboard The Trump Train

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As leader conservative and Republican figures condemn Donald Trump's disgusting attacks on Khizr Khan, who lost his son in combat, it's worth remembering that all of NC's leading Republicans: McCrory, Tillis and Burr have all pledged to support Trump and campaign at events with him.


U.S. Sens. Richard Burr and Thom Tillis said Wednesday that they will gladly campaign with Trump this fall.

"We know how many states are going to go, but I think there are seven or eight that he can tip the scales in most of them," Tillis said.

Fifth District Congresswoman Virginia Foxx said she believes Trump reflects a conservative electorate.

"I think he's going to be a big help for North Carolina, and I actually think he's going to do well all across the country," said Foxx, who initially backed Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker for president.

"I think this is going to be an election that's a choice between the status quo and change, and what I see in America is an outpouring of support for change," said Burr, who, like Foxx, will be on the ballot with Trump in November.



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    Robert Morris
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    Proof our state leadership cares nothing about the majority of us. McCory brags about NC being the fourth fastest growing state in the country and ofcourse he and state assembly take all the credit for rhe job growth. What they fail to mention is the initiatives that have produced these jobs such a aviation and Caterpillar ect were initiated by the prior governer ' s administrarion. <br /> <br /> What McCory and company have done is partially allowed Duke Energy to get away Scott free for their part in the polution of coal ash in the Dan River.Appatwntly McCoy's over 20 year tenure at Duke Energy was more important than doing the right thing for the people of NC. And the environment.<br /> <br /> And I'd not one of the worst Voter Supression Laws deliberately targeting minorities in the nation turned out to be struck down y Federal Appeals Court. Yet more embarrassment for the state of NC.<br /> <br /> Not to mention huge tax cuts to the wealthy while in forcing a tax on cars, appliance repairs and such that puts the burden directly on every day North Caroliinian backs.<br /> <br /> And who could forget House Bill 2 tha Duke Basketball Coach Mike K. called an embarrassing law sheds more embarrassment to the state, and negative attention the state doesn't need.<br /> <br /> The bottom line is the question that needs to be asked is, Have You Had Enough Yet North Carolina. The situation can be fixed at the polls. Enough is Enough.
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    Let's vote these clowns out!
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