Budget Eliminates School Flexibility, Costing Triad School District $1 Million

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A compromised state budget has finally been revealed after a 70 day delay. The budget plan secures teacher assistant funding, but no longer allows these funds to cover other expenses. 

From WFMY, 

Alamance-Burlington Schools Superintendent William Harrison sent a letter to 150 teacher assistants, warning them that without a state budget, their job could be on the chopping block. That means for the past 3 weeks of school, TAs have been going to work not knowing if it would be their last day.

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Monday, lawmakers unveiled a $21.7 billion plan which secures funding for teacher assistants. In the past, school districts across the state have used funds meant for TAs on other district expenses. The proposed budget no longer allows that.

"That would be very difficult for us this year. If they would have told us that on June 30, we could have accommodated that but now we have spent that money the way we’ve spent that and if they take that flexibility away we are going to have to come up with about $1.4 million and I’m not sure from where that will come," said Dr. Harrison.

He added, "Changing the rules 3 weeks into the school year is not fair to districts."


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