Budget Cuts Leave School Districts Struggling to Help Students Falling Behind

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As part of the state mandated Read to Achieve program, school districts are required to invite all students struggling with reading to a summer camp that provides more intensive education. While Guilford County's camp is starting up now, students will have to make due with half as much instructional time, all thanks to cuts from politicians in Raleigh.

From the News and Record article,

This summer, struggling third-grade readers returned to school for extra, more intense instruction in state-mandated camps.

They worked in smaller-than-normal classes with teachers picked for their ability to boost literacy skills. They also studied math and science, but even those lessons incorporated reading. Some got one-on-one reading time with adult volunteers.

It all happened in half as much time as last year — four days a week for three weeks instead of six. That’s because Guilford County Schools did not get enough state funding to cover the camp costs.

After 11 days of camp and a day of testing, which ended Thursday, will most of the students test as reading at grade level?

Probably not, officials say.

“That’s not much to get kids in a place where they’re able to pass the test,” said Whitney Oakley, the executive director of pre-K-grade 5 curriculum and instruction.


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