At McCrory's Mansion Jesse Helms is in, but supporters of equality are shut out

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Last night, only hours before scheduled start time, Governor McCrory canceled our Garden Party Against Hate. His office falsely claimed we violated our contract, but it's clear he only canceled this event because he disagrees with the message of equality that our organization supports. 

We're deeply disappointed by the Governor's decision, and so were our guests, some of who travelled over an hour to attend. He should remember that this is the people's house, no matter who the current resident is. 

Here's a quick rundown from WRAL:

"Gov. McCrory’s staff explained how the Jesse Helms Center could rent the Executive Mansion by claiming all nonprofits could do the same," Gerrick Brenner, executive director of Progress NC, said after his group's cancelation. "That is now clearly shown to be false. Progress NC did not violate a rental contract. The Governor’s Office canceled our ‘Garden Party Against Hate' because they don’t like the groups involved or the message they share. Period."

Before the cancelation, Progress NC issued a news release describing the event and inviting the governor.

"We’re grateful to Gov. McCrory for letting us hold our Garden Party Against Hate at his house, and we’d like to return the favor by personally inviting him to attend," Brenner said at the time. "Much of North Carolina’s LGBT community feels that Gov. McCrory has completely ignored their concerns, so this would be an excellent opportunity for the governor to have an honest conversation about how HB2 puts LGBT North Carolinians at risk and is bad for the entire state." 


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