As Enrollment Continues to Grow, CMS Faces Teacher Shortage

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Right now there are nearly thirty percent more vacant teacher positions in Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools than there were at the same time last year. What's even more worrisome is that many of those vacancies are for elementary school teachers, something that school officials called, "unheard of."

From the Charlotte Observer article,

Two weeks into the school year, CMS still has 80 teacher vacancies, down from 89 on opening day but higher than the 62 at the same time last year.

CMS Board of Education chair Mary McCray, a retired teacher and former head of the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Association of Educators, asked about lingering vacancies in elementary schools, which are traditionally among the easiest teaching jobs to fill. Large numbers of elementary vacancies are “unheard of,” McCray said.

Clark speculated that proposed cuts to K-2 teacher assistants could be a deterrent to teachers coming to North Carolina. She said new qualification exams for elementary teachers could also be a factor. The math section is more difficult and the test is more expensive, she said. 


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    Trey Canipe
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    NC deserves it. I taught middle and high school in NC and I hope they can't get a single teacher! If you put corporate welfare and crony capitalists above the people that educate your children - you deserve a dim future.
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    CMS fails to recognize that elementary school teachers are fed up with the longer day for no additional pay. Teachers responded in droves to a survey and TD CMS that they would leave if something wasn't done about the longer day and late (4:15) bell. Wake up CMS!
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