Another Newspaper Refuses to Endorse Gov. McCrory

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Following in The Charlotte Observer's footsteps, the Winston-Salem Journal released an editorial announcing they would not be endorsing McCrory for a second term as governor. The Winston-Salem Journal goes into great detail discussing why they will not be endorsing him again, listing numerous reasons from HB2 to coal ash to his appointments while in office. 

From Winston-Salem Journal:

The governor often talks of his policies as “common sense.” We call some of them nonsense.

The governor has let North Carolinians down.

On issue after issue, he has followed Berger’s lead, from failing to fight hard enough for public education to the disastrous House Bill 2, the rushed-through “bathroom bill” that discriminates against transgender people — which the governor rudely joked about while stumping for Trump in Winston-Salem this past summer. The governor continues to indicate that the boycotts over HB2 will have minimal economic effect, despite estimates that show the ultimate losses could be anywhere from more than $500 million to almost $5 billion. Costs of defending the law in court were north of $176,000 in July.

On issue after issue, McCrory has been miserably malleable and has cravenly caved.

He signed the legislature’s sweeping 2013 election bill into law, a voter suppression law which was this past summer struck down by the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals. That court rightly saw the law as a measure that restricted the voting rights of African-Americans.

On HB2, McCrory signed it into law and rode along, despite his lame attempt to water it down.


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