Another McCrory Appointment With Ethical Baggage

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The Associated Press reports on another McCrory appointment who has a history of issues. This time it's a District Court Judge who was once reprimanded for professional misconduct. From their article,

A new District Court judge appointed by Gov. Pat McCrory on Monday was reprimanded for professional misconduct more than a decade ago by the North Carolina State Bar.

Michael A. Stone of Raeford was appointed to a state judicial seat in Hoke County.

McCrory spokesman Rick Martinez says the governor knew about Stone's reprimand before naming him as a judge, but didn't think one past mistake should disqualify him from consideration.

"When you make an appointment you look at the totality of a person, not just one particular incident," Martinez said. "The bottom line on the whole thing is that this occurred shortly after he got out of law school and he basically got in over his head. He learned a valuable lesson from it and his record since that time demonstrates that."

Records on file with Stone's law license show he was issued a written reprimand in 1998 after he and a law partner conducted real estate closings that were handled by assistants with no lawyer present. The State Bar concluded Stone and his partner didn't properly supervise their staff members and failed to review deeds and other important legal documents before they were filed.

"You are hereby reprimanded by the North Carolina State Bar due to your professional misconduct," reads Stone's reprimand, a copy of which is available on the State Bar's website. "The Grievance Committee trusts that you will heed this reprimand, that it will be remembered by you, that it will be beneficial to you, and that you will never again allow yourself to depart from adherence to the high ethical standards of the legal profession."



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    Tina Starnes
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    Pat I voted for you, I'm so sorry I did that, you are bought by the biggest poluter in N.C, I didn't vote for Duke Power!
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    Phyllis Royster
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    Do your job and put the people first not your friends or special interest groups.
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    Amy Freedman
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    The reprimand reads "conducted real estate closings", not just one closing... This is such a clear breach of ethics, every NC lawyer, even ones fresh out of law school, knows this one.. I urge you to reconsider your appointment and find someone who has not had this type of serious breach of ethics in his career.
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