Another editorial blasts McCrory's response to pay-to-play allegations

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Yet another newspaper editorial board is blasting Governor McCrory for his pay-to-play allegations and his bumbling response to them. The Greensboro News and Record editorial staff calls McCrory's defense weak and unconvincing. 

From The Greensboro News & Record, 

The governor’s office complained that the headline, “McCrory held meeting to extend donor’s contract,” was “absurd and false.” The newspapers stand by the headline’s accuracy. While the contract was not extended or renewed at the meeting, that seemed to be its purpose from Keith’s standpoint.

The governor’s office also objected to a photograph that showed McCrory and Keith together but cropped out two other people.

“If that’s what the governor found objectionable, we make no apologies for being sensitive to two people who had nothing to do with this issue,” Charlotte Observer Executive Editor Rick Thames wrote.

The governor’s response does not show that nothing improper or illegal was done. More investigation is needed to make such determinations. The appearance of impropriety is strong, however. If the governor arranges a high-level meeting on behalf of a donor who wants a state contract, that looks like the sort of pay-to-play access that has gotten politicians, such as former Democratic House Speaker Jim Black, in trouble in the past.



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