After RNC Cuts Ties with Senior Advisor, McCrory Should Follow Suit and Fire Consultants Linked to Controversial Ad

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RALEIGH — Progress North Carolina Action today repeated calls for Pat McCrory to cut ties to his campaign spokesman, Brian Nick, and ad man, Fred Davis, for participating in a campaign plan to tie President Barack Obama to controversial statements made by the Reverend Jeremiah Wright. The plan has been condemned by Mitt Romney and the Republican National Convention fired senior advisor Rebecca Donatelli for her participation in the scheme. [NY Times, 5/21/12]

The plan, titled “The Defeat of Barack Hussein Obama: the Ricketts Plan to End His Spending For Good” was written by Davis and his Republican consulting firm Strategic Perceptions. Nick is the Director of Strategic Development and Communications at the firm. Davis, Nick and Donatelli are referenced in the plan as members of the “Team of Pirates” ready to implement the campaign.

Despite his association with these discredited dirty tactics, Nick continues to act as the day-to-day spokesman for McCrory – defending Pat McCrory’s ethical record.

“Mitt Romney and the Republican Party are distancing themselves from these divide and conquer consultants as fast as possible, but Pat McCrory continues to embrace them,” said Gerrick Brenner, Executive Director for Progress North Carolina Action. “Before talking about how he will clean up Raleigh, Pat McCrory should to clean up his own campaign.”


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