Add A State Budget to The Auto-Pen Assembly Line

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This week Gov. Pat McCrory signed a state budget which is forcing local school districts to cut teaching assistants, after he claimed earlier this week that he would not sign a state budget which cut teaching assistants. McCrory's comments about not cutting teaching assistants can be seen here.

Rubber Stamp Pat


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    Marta Alcala
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    You guys really thought, he wouldn't? Your the ones who voted for him, your the ones to VOTE HIM OUT! Let's make him ONE TERM PAT!!! Oh, don't forget the legislative assembly you VOTED for either!!!
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    Robert D. Morris III
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    For the umpteenth time, have you had enough yet North Carolinians?
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    I had had enough of him three months after he took office. He has lied and lied and lied to us. I just hope every teacher remembers this in November. And for those that voted for him, believed in him like I did, I hope you regret it as much as I do too!!!!!!
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