7 Scary Things That Will Happen If You Don’t Vote

1. HB2, forever.

Governor McCrory is on record saying that he never supported repealing the law, even as part of a so-called compromise with the City of Charlotte. And you can trust that if McCrory and his buddies in the legislature are re-elected, they'll never repeal HB2. And that would be a disaster for NC's brand and economy. 

2. Underfunded Schools

Despite what Governor McCrory's campaign commercials claim, the situation for North Carolina's public schools is dire. We're near last in the country in average teacher pay and per student investment. 2015-2016 saw the second highest number of teachers leave to teach in other states since 2000 when they started keeping track. And the highest year ever was the year before. Four more years of McCrory and a super-majority in the legislature will mean more teachers leaving and the further erosion of our public schools.

3. Nickel and Diming Working Families 

From sales tax hikes, to the shady I-77 toll deal, politicians in Raleigh are making it more expensive to raise a family in our state. They eliminated the back-to-school sales tax holiday, hiked the gas tax, and eliminated key deductions for small business owners and senior citizens. All of this so they could give massive tax breaks to the wealthy and well-connected. 

Working families simply can't afford four more years of Governor McCrory. 

4. Gerrymandered Districts

One of the important races you might not have known about is the election for State Supreme Court. Incumbent Judge Bob Edmunds is the one who wrote the decision affirming the racially gerrymandered districts drawn by politicians in Raleigh. His opponent is an incredibly qualified judge, Mike Morgan, who has been a fighter for equality his whole life. He has been endorsed by the NC Association of Educators and President Obama, and Judge Mike Morgan deserves your vote. 

In addition to the Supreme Court race, the General Assembly will be redrawing districts during the next session. We need new folks drawing those maps if we're going to get a fairer outcome. 

5. Coal Ash Contamination

Governor McCrory has proven that his administration has too cozy of a relationship with Duke Energy. Time after time they've let Duke Energy off the hook at the expense of ordinary North Carolinians. Folks like Amy who are living with toxic water and who've been misled by McCrory's administration. 

If we're ever going to get a fair resolution to this coal ash crisis, we need a governor who isn't in the pocket of Duke Energy. 

6. Restrictions on abortion

In both full sessions during Governor McCrory's time in office, there have been restrictions on abortion passed. There's absolutely no reason to suspect that 2017 would be any different. If we want to protect a woman's constitutional right to have an abortion, we need to get out and vote this year.  

7. 500,000 Uninsured North Carolinians

Studies have shown that the refusal to expand Medicaid will result in nearly 1,000 unnecessary deaths a year in our state. Not to mention the billions in economic activity and tax revenue that Medicaid expansion would bring to our state. Or the 500,000 North Carolinians, many of them veterans, who would qualify for health care.

The refusal of Governor McCrory and politicians in Raleigh to expand Medicaid is morally indefensible and if they are re-elected you can be sure they will continue to deny North Carolinians access to affordable health insurance. 

Ready for change? Find an early voting location in your county and make a plan to vote today


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    Good review Gerrymandering . better paying jobs, affordable health care and our environment all matter so much.
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