WRAL: Raleigh events protest Trump immigration stance

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Over 2,000 immigrant children and babies have been separated from their families and placed into shelters and camps since April of this year. This practice is immoral, inhumane, and un-American. That’s why North Carolinians took to the streets on Wednesday to demand an end to the Tru… Read More

Star News: Republicans now own GenX problem

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For years Republicans in Raleigh have been slashing the budgets of environmental watchdog agencies, hamstringing efforts to stop pollution in North Carolina and giving large polluters a free pass. It's been a year since the GenX carcinogen was discovered in the drinking water of Eastern No… Read More

Winston-Salem Journal: Stand with the teachers

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On May 16th thousands of educators across North Carolina will be heading to Raleigh to confront lawmakers and demand more funding for our schools.  Teachers in North Carolina make $9,600 less than the national average.  Many teachers work multiple jobs to make ends meet.  Cl… Read More