We're just weeks until traditional schools start and local districts have no idea whether they'll need to fire hundreds of TAs or hire dozens of teachers. Politicians have failed to do their jobs, so local school districts are facing chaos and uncertainty. The clock is ticking and time is running out to pass a budget: 

Local officials have started speaking out over the reckless process by politicians in Raleigh. Charlotte-Mecklenburg Superintendent, Ann Clark said if If schools open without a state budget, “we reach a crisis point very quickly.”

Even Republican school board member is tired of the games being played saying, “We’re getting ready to open our doors ... and we don’t have a clue yet if we’re going to have to (lay off) 500 teacher assistants or hire more than 100 teachers."

This hurts our students and it hurts our educators, many of whom are nervously awaiting pink slips. Share this countdown clock and let folks know how long the General Assembly has to pass a budget before students get back to school.