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The people of North Carolina deserve to have fair elections. While our legislature is drawing up a new voter ID bill to prevent voter impersonation an absentee ballot scheme is being uncovered.  

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Call your state lawmakers to demand they wait on voter ID.

After losing their supermajorities in the House and Senate on Election Day, Republican lawmakers are holding a “lame duck” session on November 27, the week after Thanksgiving, to pass a voter ID law while Republicans still have their veto-proof majority. Call your lawmaker today and demand they wait for the newly elected legislature, and input from voters before deciding on voter ID.

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Petition: Tell Senator Tillis to Protect Mueller

One day after the Democrats take control of the House Trump fires the attorney general Jeff Sessions in order to stop the coming investigations of his corruption

Tillis sponsored a bill to protect Mueller from getting fired by Trump. But the bill has gone nowhere, and Tillis has barely lifted a finger to fight for it.

It’s time for Tillis to step up and show voters back home. Is he representing North Carolina and fighting for the truth? Or is he covering for Trump?

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Survey: Have you been turned away at the polls?

The 2016 primary election is the only election in North Carolina that required picture ID to vote.  During that primary, many voters were turned away because they lacked the required ID. 

Were you one of them?

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POLL: Do you think neighbors of hog farms have the right to protect their property and health?

Lawmakers want to ensure that industrial farms are able to spew hog waste into the air and pollute the drinking water of nearby residents with almost no consequences. They’re stripping private property rights to allow animal feed operations to spew hog urine and feces on neighbors.

We want to know what you think.  Do the neighbors of hog farms have a right to protect their property from hog waste?

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Thank Attorney General Stein for fighting the coal ash rate hike.

The politicians in Raleigh had the chance to stop Duke from charging you to clean up its toxic mess.  They didn't take it. They put the interests of this corporate polluter over the people of North Carolina, and now Duke is raising its rates.

Attorney General Josh Stein knows it is wrong for Duke Energy to pass the cost of its mistakes onto us. He is fighting this rate hike that would take $475 MILLION dollars from the pockets of the people of North Carolina.

Show your appreciation and send a letter to AG Stein.

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Reject Trump's SCOTUS nominee

The Supreme Court hangs in the balance. Now Donald Trump is about to try to stack it in his favor. Leave it to Trump to find the most anti-abortion, anti-LGBT, anti-immigrant justice he can round up-- Brett, no-abortions-for-teen-immigrants Kavanaugh. But now he is going to appoint someone who will owe him a debt of gratitude for the job. And of course, Trump is nominating another Supreme Court justice just as the Russia investigation is closing on Trump.

Take action and urge Senators to filibuster Trump’s extreme pick for the Supreme Court and demand a bi-partisan, consensus nominee.

Reject Kavanaugh

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