Call your NC state Senator today and demand they sustain the budget veto.

 If it is Governor Cooper's veto is overridden in the Senate we will be stuck with a budget that once again short changes our public schools and leaves 600,000 without health care.

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Contact your legislator and demand a transparent redistricting process

A three-judge panel has unanimously ruled that North Carolina’s legislative maps are unconstitutionally gerrymandered. Our Republican-led state legislature has been ordered to draw new maps by September 18th. The last time Republicans were tasked with redrawing their unconstitutional maps it was done behind closed doors and still took away the voices of the people. We must demand that the process be transparent with as much public input as possible. 

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Sign the Petition to OPPOSE a Tax Rebate While Our Teachers Pay for Classroom Supplies

North Carolina’s public school teachers spend an average of $526 / year of their own money on classroom supplies. When adjusted for inflation and enrollment, the Republican budget proposal would spend 40% less on classroom supplies than North Carolina spent a decade ago. The GOP solution? A tax rebate on a $900 MILLION surplus that will add up to 34-cents / day / taxpayer. Does that make sense?

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POLL: Do you think neighbors of hog farms have the right to protect their property and health?

Lawmakers want to ensure that industrial farms are able to spew hog waste into the air and pollute the drinking water of nearby residents with almost no consequences. They’re stripping private property rights to allow animal feed operations to spew hog urine and feces on neighbors.

We want to know what you think.  Do the neighbors of hog farms have a right to protect their property from hog waste?

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Survey: Have you been turned away at the polls?

The 2016 primary election is the only election in North Carolina that required picture ID to vote.  During that primary, many voters were turned away because they lacked the required ID. 

Were you one of them?

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