McCrory Calls in His Pay-to-Play Posse Just Before Election Day to Try to Save His Re-Election Campaign - Costing Taxpayers Millions

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Just days after Gov. McCrory announces $4.9M in subsidies for company already based in North Carolina, now taxpayers shovel another $1.4M to a horse resort for the well-heeled. And what did McCrory get? $171K paid to him personally, and $26K to his campaign.  Gov. Pat McCrory clasps ha… Read More

We've Lost Almost $1 Billion Because of HB2...

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We all know North Carolina has been losing millions of dollars because of HB2, but just how much money have we lost? Forbes estimates almost $1 billion when combining the losses in tourism, entertainment, sports, technology, banking and research. Although the economic impact is undeniable, e… Read More