Education in North Carolina Needs Reform

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Everyone knows that students cannot receive a good education without good teachers. And yet, North Carolina has consistently been ranked as one of the worst states for teachers. Budget cuts across the state have made it difficult for teachers to earn a living wage, let alone adequately teach… Read More

Editorial: HB2 is a $3.7 billion boondoggle

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On the heels of the AP report showing that HB2 will cost North Carolina nearly $4 billion, the News and Observer is out with a scathing editorial highlighting the hypocrisy from politicians in Raleigh on HB2 and jobs. From the News and Observer, Basically, Republicans are standing behind… Read More

Paul Ryan Realizes No One Likes "RyanCare"

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After an analysis done by the Congressional Budget Office found major flaws in the GOP healthcare bill, Paul Ryan has acknowledged that if his proposal is to pass, parts of it have to be changed. With no Democrats expected to vote for the bill, 216 of the 237 House Republicans need to vote i… Read More

Editorial: NC Should Fund Class Size Cut, Not Roll It Back

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When politicians in Raleigh passed a law last year that reduced class sizes, they thought they were getting an easy political win. Some of them even ran campaign ads touting the reduction. Except there was one little problem...they didn't provide the funding required for local districts to a… Read More

Fact Checking Dan Forest's HB2 Claims

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Texas will soon be debating a bill called the "Texas Privacy Act" which is very similar to North Carolina's own HB2. To show his support for the GOP lawmakers of Texas, North Carolina's Lt. Gov Dan Forest traveled to Texas to promote a bill that has cost North Carolina hundreds of millions o… Read More

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